The Outstanding Features of a Retractable Cord Reel & Cord


There are many cord reels in the market today. Many manufacturers have come up with a different variety of extension cord reels. You will always choose the best quality and tat which will serve you efficiently and for a long period without wearing out and failing its function. Would you be tired of doing things manually and using much effort to make the cord reel serve you? No more wastage of time and energy. Giraffe tools research and production team has always been on their toes to offer to you the best retractable extension cord reel with many special features such as a Unique guide system

Quality of a retractable extension cord reel

With the giraffe retractable extension code reel, you do not need to worry anymore about rusting or wear. The casing of the cord reel is made up of strong polypropylene. This is resistant to water, oil, acids, alkali, U.V light among other extremes. This makes it so unique to be used on all terrains without any worry.

The extension cord reel has strong high-quality coil springs which have gone through vigorous factory testings’ to prove their strength and power.

The giraffe retractable cord reel is lightly weighted compared to other bonding made of steel. This makes it more convenient for you to move it around to your areas of need. There are some other areas made of quality plastic and rubber, making it durable and mobile.

Adjustable cord stopper

This is another most unique feature of the retractable cord reel. This cord stopper is made of slow retracting technology. There is a unique system that will allow you to increase or decrease the length of the cord that remains after you have retracted the cord. The cord locks in a 2ft. increment. The main purpose of the adjustable cord reel is to ensure that the remaining code is at the level of your reach.

Safety update

The retractable extension cord reel has a unique safety upgrade. Many extensional cord reels blow out regularly due to causes of excess voltage than recommended. This problem has been solved by the giraffe retractable cord reel which has a circuit breaker o the reel. This circuit breaker can shut down either manually or automatically. This breaker prevents the fuses from blowing up in case of uncertainties of power.

3 Led lighted outlets

The giraffe retracted cord reels have 3 led lighted outlets. These three outlets are lighted to show you the power status and visibility in case of dim light or darkness. This very useful and efficient to work with because you can easily use your cord reel at night.

An adjustable locking ratchet will allow you to stretch the cord to your desired lengths.

Giraffe cord.

The giraffe cords SJTOW are the best in the market today. This is because they are made up of the most durable and heavy-duty quality materials. They are capable of use in any condition of the environment.

These Giraffe unique features of a retractable cord reel will serve you best compared to any other product in the market.


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