6 Vital Brazilian Front Lace Wigs Maintenance Steps


After the purchase of lace front wigs, the next step is to ensure proper maintenance. Hair is very fragile. Without proper maintenance, it can end up getting deteriorated. It is the same case with natural, normal hair. Without taking adequate care of it, its value and characteristic are bound to go down. Therefore, the lace front wigs need to be appropriately maintained. This article aims at updating you on six critical Brazilian lace front wigs maintenance.

Benefits of Brazilian lace front wigs maintenance

  • Ensures that the lace front wig last for an extended period
  • Ensures that it is in a proper condition for reuse
  • Ensures that the lace front wig receives daily care

Six Critical Brazilian Lace Front Wigs Maintenance Procedures

1. Brazilian lace front wig pre-wash procedure

Before you commence with the lace front wig washing, the first step involves the pre-wash. You need to comb the lace front wig with either your hand or toothbrush from the hair root to the closure in the pre-wash stage. The critical point to note at this stage is that if you use a toothbrush for combing, then it should be broad. In addition, this step is essential as it prevents any damage from happening while washing.

2. Wash step

At this step, you can opt to use a shampoo to wash the Brazilian lace front wig to remove residue and dirt. In the sink, put the fakes, and then moisturize using cold water. Using your fingers, ensure that you evenly spread the shampoo; you must do it delicately to avoid twisting and scrubbing the wig. The critical point to know at this step is to use cold water. In addition, this step will not reduce the longevity of the Brazilian lace front wig.

3. Conditioning stage

This step is essential for any hair. The merit of this stage to the lace front wig is that it keeps it tangles-free, reasonable, and fine. Therefore, you need to use a wide toothbrush or your fingers to spread the conditioner from the wig’s root to the closure at this step.

After applying the conditioner, give it 2-3 minutes to rest. The critical point to note at this step is to ensure that you do not use too much force while applying the conditioner; otherwise, the wig will be uncomfortable.

After the conditioner has taken the 2-3 minutes rest, wash it with cold water. After cleansing it, the wig will have a delicate touch. For an enormous amount of water, use a towel to squeeze it out.

4. Air-drying the wig

The best method for drying the wig is by air drying, as it will not allow the lace front wig to dry out. Though, you can use a dryer if you are in a hurry.

5. Choose any design you wish

Using a temperature protective agent and thermal equipment, you can design the Brazilian lace front wig however you wish.

6. Right storage

Make sure you own a dummy to store it properly when you are done with the wig.


Taking proper care of the Brazilian lace front wigs will ensure they will have a lifelong expectancy. In addition, offering adequate wig maintenance will help keep the new look appearance. Therefore, taking good care of the lace front wig will preserve it for a long time and save money that will otherwise be spent buying a new one.


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