Everything To Know About Steak Knives


Steak Knives are cutting tools found in the kitchen or at the dining used for cutting steak. There are varieties of steak knives in existence today. This article highlights the origin of steak knives, their different types, benefits, and factors to consider when buying knife sets and steak knives for stylish dining and entertaining.

Origin Of Steak Knives.

Before the introduction of steak knives, knives were generally restricted only for use in the kitchen to prepare and cut meat. This meant that the tools used in eating and tasting meat were chopsticks and the hands. The use of hands was every day with African and European countries, while chopsticks were common amongst Asian countries.

Before WWI, recent development saw the introduction of steak knives when eating meat because these knives were portable and could be easily carried anywhere with ease. The first set of steak knives to be introduced were made from stainless steel. This material was economical, though the blade were styled to be straight-edged only. These blades retained their appearance but required that they be sharpened regularly.

Other steak knives followed after WW II in a bid to produce more durable and stylish blades. The different introductions ranged from carbonated steel, ceramic, and synthetic-fiber Steak Knife’s blade. This period also saw the introduction of a serrated-edged blade used to cut steak with a tougher exterior.

Types Of Steak Knife

There are different types of steak knives, and they are:

  1. Serrated-edged Steak Knife: The steak knife has a serrated-edged blade. The toothed blade describes a serrated edge. The blade enables the knife to tear through the steak with a tough exterior, and does not produce a clean cut.
  2. Straight-edged Steak knife:This steak knife has a straight-edged blade that can produce neat and cleaner cuts.

Benefits Of Steak Knives

Owning a steak knife amongst your knife set comes with specific benefits, and they are:

  1. Makes Eating easier and healthy:The use of steak knives has become a norm because it is a form of practicing healthy eating habits. Steak Knives are used to cut meat when eating in the dining.
  2. Helps in the Bakery:This is another sector where steak knives are beneficial. They serve as ideal substitute knives for baking purposes because they can be used to get small pastry cuts, fill cupcakes, and cut cakes.
  3. In the Kitchen: Steak knives are beneficial for preparing and inspecting meat when cooking. They allow the chef to take small meat cuts for tasting or checking if the meat is ready. It is also used in the kitchen as a substitute for cutting small and soft vegetables.

Factors To Consider When Buying Steak Knives

There are specific factors to consider when buying steak knives, and they are:

  1. The Knife’s handle: A good steak knife has its handle proportional in size to its blade length.
  2. The blade’s angle: consider the angle of the blade, as this influences how the knife is used.
  3. The grip: To be able to use the steak knife properly. The grip should be comfortable and firm.


If there are questions you have about a steak knife, this article answers all the questions associated with a steak knife because it is a guide to know everything about steak knives.


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