Features of an Ideal Retractable Extension Cord Reel


Retractable extension cord reels have gained popularity across multiple industries and homes. Several categories of cord reels are available for purchase, like heavy-duty, indoor, and outdoor depending on the client’s needs. Also, different types and models of retractable cord reels are available on https://giraffetools.com/. Despite them being of great importance in power transmission, buying them can be a huge challenge. You should consider several factors before buying a reel to ensure you get the best in the market. In this extract, we discuss retractable extension cord reels qualities.

Qualities of a Good Retractable Extension Cord Reel

Various cord reels have different characteristics; hence it’s good to identify what stands out for you and choose the retractable extension cord reel that matches the essential qualities.

1. Adequate Cord Length

Extension cords differ in length and size depending on their purpose and size of the area of use. Also, the reels have a maximum limit of the size of cord they can use, so ensure the reel you choose can accommodate your cord. Most extension reels fit 50 feet cords perfect for outdoor use, but some models fit up to 150 feet. The minimum cord size is often 40 feet, ideal for use indoors due to the limited spaces. Long retractable extension cord reels are suitable for long cords, while short reels are for short cords.

2. Presence of Safety Features

Any equipment that’s not safe for use is not worth buying. A cord reel with safety features integrated into it is user-friendly considering current flow is involved, and a slight mishap can be harzadous. Some examples include the self-lock feature and circuit breaker. The self-locking mechanism prevents the cord from retracting entirely while in use. At the same time, the circuit breaker cuts off current flow to any device in the event of a power surge or any electrical problem.

3. Has Three Outlets

Retractable extension cord reels have two or three outlets: a 2-way cord or 3-way cord, respectively. However, those with three outlets are the best since they are ideal for any use and fit all your needs. In addition, one of the outlets represents a ground wire connection responsible for minimizing the risks of fires and shocks caused by electrical faults. It disperses power surges; thereby, safety is assured.

4. Durable Material

A good reel should be made of long-lasting material to prevent quick deterioration. The reel casing and the cord materials should withstand the environment and work they are subjected to. In addition, your choice of cord material should be resistant to water, acids, alkalis, oil, and Ultra-Violet rays. Extension cord reels come in materials like steel, used mostly for heavy-duty applications, or polypropylene, which is durable, lightweight, and perfect for all weather conditions.

Final Words

Retractable extension cord reels are a great addition to your workspace if you select the best and most befitting piece. Alongside the tips mentioned above, buy within your budget and without compromising on quality.


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