Hair Wig with Highlights-The best in the market


Are you a professional always on the go? Want to look flawless while still oozing out the essence of a boss? This hair wig with highlights has the features and foundation to provide effortless, seamless integration every time. The closure wig will become your go-to accessory in no time. Want to know more? Let’s discuss it further in detail:

The perfect length:

Wigs come in various shapes and sizes and a perfect lace wig needs a suitable closure to give it an authentic fit. The 4×4 Lace Frontal Closure is carefully designed with security in mind, ensuring you have the best possible experience while wearing this beautiful wig. Made of high-quality lace that sits comfortably against your skin, it can be trimmed to accommodate any size scalp thanks to its versatile design.

Lace top wigs with highlights are made to look realistic with the shading, parting hairline, and scalp underneath, but can be rather heavy on your head. Lace closure provides a snug fit around your own crown for an easy way to put your wig up top without any makeup or prosthetics. If you have short hair it’s time to think about this 4×4 lace frontal closure wig collection!

High-quality hairstyles:

A lace front is easiest when applied with small sections of hair against the scalp so applying for extensions in bigger chunks can create some problems – especially if someone tries in vain not to cut their margin too thin. This accessory is a perfect virgin human hair weave that compromises of 10A Grade quality with no shedding. The tangle-free texture enhances fast drying times without the worry of knots whilst giving your scalp a break from heat styling.

This versatile style can be worn with bangs, swept-back, or even pinned up in any way that suits your desired look. The premium quality synthetic fiber does not tangle and has just the right amount of shine for a professional appearance.

A great variety of wigs:

Precision 4×4 lace frontal closure wig complete with a natural hairline is perfect for those wanting to cover gray hair. The thick wefts give you a full head of hair at the base and offer an ultra-realistic appearance. You can color it to your own specifications or style her as desired by getting creative with the cut-in bangs and swag layers. Yes, The 4×4 lace frontal closure wig is the perfect choice for those looking for their ideal hairline.

Save when you buy in bulk with the 4×4 lace frontal closure wig from iShow Beauty. Get a great deal on this quality synthetic hair weave without breaking your budget. The easy-to-restyle lace frontal is designed to fit most head shapes and can be dyed to any color of your choice!

Use a wig cap to protect your hair from being rubbed by the weave. When removing or rearranging, carefully clip all of the front pins and slowly remove them in order to avoid snagging on any other part of the hair. With so much at your disposal, all it is left is to try the hair wig with highlights and shine bright.


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